Images and Photos

Bring your timeline to life with images and photos

Timeline with Images

Media such as photos, movies, and audio can be attached to individual events. Photos and audio soundtracks can be used as a chart background. Timeline 3D can import media through drag-and-drop, either through the built in media browser or from any other application that supports drap-and-drop.

Adding Photos to an Event

One photo may be attached to each event. To attach a photo, simply drag a photo onto the event. The photo may be dragged from any source including Safari, Finder, and the build in media browser. The image will be copied into your document and displayed as part of the associated event.

To adjust the display size of an image, select the event containing the image and use the Image Size slider in the Settings panel. You may adjust many images at once by selecting multiple events before making adjustments.

Chart Background Images

Drag an image onto the background of your chart if you would like it to appear behind your events. You can blend the image with a color using the Tinted Image Fill option in the Visual Design panel.

Add Audio to an Event

To add audio to an event, drag a song, recorded narration, or sound effect directly onto the event. Note that an event may have both a photo and an audio file associated at the same time. When you mouse over the event with audio, a play button appears. Click Play to listen to the audio. To play the audio in a 3D presentation, select the event and then click the media icon on the 3D Controller or use the key command “M”.

Add a Movie to an Event

To add a movie to an event, drag a movie file directly onto the event. To use video from the web (from YouTube for example) download the file to your hard drive first, and then drag it onto the event. If you drag a movie onto an event, it will replace any previous images or audio associate with that event.

When you mouse over the event, a play button for the movie will appear. You can click on it to watch the movie. To play the movie in a 3D presentation, click on the media icon on the 3D Controller or use the key command “M”.

Add a Soundtrack to your Timeline Movies

To add a soundtrack to your entire timeline movie, drag a song onto the background of your timeline chart. The sound file will be used for movie exports only.


  • When you export your timeline chart to a 3D movie, the media files will play automatically when the movie reaches the events that include them. Once the media file is done playing, the movie will continue moving through the timeline.

  • Your exported timeline chart will function best when the media files you include are edited down to be small and concise. You can use your choice of applications such as Quicktime Player or iMovie to trim or edit your media before you include it in your timeline chart.

  • You can include any media format that your version of Quicktime can play on your computer.

  • Photo and audio files can be combined in a single event.

  • Movie files can not be combined with an audio file because movies already have audio included.