Adding and Editing Events

Add custom timeline events to chart any type of historical information

Adding New Events

To add a new event to your timeline, click the Add Event toolbar item, or use the Command-E shortcut.

Editing Event Data

To display the event edit form, double click an event or select an event and choose the Edit menu item. To close the event edit form, click anywhere on the timeline chart outside of the form.

Event Editor

Use the text fields in the event edit form to edit the Event Label, Date Range, Notes, and Link for an event.

The Event Label is designed to have automatic line wrapping based on the font style chosen for the chart. For best results, enter the label on one line. However, if you require a specific line break in the Event Label, use control-return to add one.

As you enter dates, Timeline 3D will automatically adjust the Event Date Format to match the date you enter. For more information please see About Date Formats.

An event link can either be a path to a local file or a URL of a website. For more information on event links see Using Event Links.

Set a Custom Date Label

To control how the dates in your timeline chart are displayed, use the date format settings. Each Date Type has a different settings menu. To display dates in a way that is not included in the date format settings, you can set a Custom Date Label.

Check the box in the event edit form labeled Set Custom Date Label. A text box will appear where you can type your custom date label. This label will appear instead of the date in your timeline chart. Keep in mind that each event still needs a start date so that the software knows where to draw the event on the chart.

Configuring Event Display

Besides editing the data contained by each event, there are a number of options you can use to control the display settings of an event. These include:

  • Event Text Color
  • Event Descender
  • Image Size
  • Date Formats

For more information on visual settings, see About Color and Fonts.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings in the event edit form allow you to link your event to an exterior document or web page to enhance the information included in the event. You can also create tags for the event to make the timeline chart searchable. Click on the blue arrow at the bottom of the event edit form to access the advanced settings.

An event link can either be a path to a local file or a URL of a website. For more information on event links see Using Event Links.

Enter tags into the Tags text box to create searchable tags for your event.


  • To select multiple events you can drag a box around them, shift-click to select a range, command-click to select discontinuous events, or choose Select All (Command-A).
  • Event data can only be modified for one event at a time, but event display settings can be edited for multiple events simultaneously.