BEEDOCS is an independent software company inspired by our customers, and taking pride in bringing useful and elegant products to life.

BEEDOCS was founded in 2002 in Seattle by Adam Behringer. In 2004 BEEDOCS released Bee Docs Timeline, the award winning timeline software for Mac OS X.

There are four key values that point the way forward for BEEDOCS:

  • Human Touch - We serve people, not technology.
  • Nature Inspired - We are inspired by forms and functions found in nature.
  • Artisan - Our products reflect our culture, personality, and point of view.
  • Cinematic - Why not do it all with a cinematic flair?

Adam Behringer

Founder / CEO

Adam graduated from the University of Washington in 1998 with a degree in music (jazz piano). A entrepreneur at heart, he has either founded or been one of the first five employees at six different companies. Adam is a self taught programmer who started programming BASIC with his TRS-80 Model III in elementary school.

Adam enjoys working from basements, park benches, and libraries in the Seattle area. When not working, you can find Adam walking around Greenlake with his family, watching movies, reading, going to concerts, or making stuff.

In 2014, Adam co-founded a company that develops camera gear called BeeWorks.

Adam’s blog