Gabriel Lucas

April 8, 2010 | 1 min 7 sec

Gabriel Lucas discusses helping teachers integrate Timeline 3D into their K-12 classrooms.




Elise: What is your name?

Gabriel: My name is Gabriel Lucas.

Elise: …and what do you do?

Gabriel: I work at a private 6–12 school with the technology department. I help the teachers integrate technology with their curriculum.

Elise: Cool, and why do you feel like timelines are important tools in the classroom?

Gabriel: Well, mainly because I think it helps the students visualize the topic the teachers are actually discussing. So a lot of my kids are excited about history and learning about things that happened in the past, but the've had a hard time seeing all the concepts tied together. I think secondly the teachers have found that it really helps the kids bring in multimedia and other supporting primary sources and audio clips and video clips to enhance the topic of their discussions and tie different things together.

Elise: Cool, that's great! Thank you.