RSS Timelines

March 4, 2008 | 3 min 2 sec

To demonstrate draggable background images, we’ll create a timeline with the RSS feed from the Apple Trailers website and we’ll add a background image using a photo from our iPhoto library.



RSS Timelines and Background Images

Hi, this is Adam and I would like to show you the new RSS feed importer in Bee Docs Timeline.

I am going to select a Look and then the RSS feed importer, and then for this example we are going to go ahead and leave the default feed here—which is the Flickr blog. To open one of the blog entries in this timeline, we will just click the Link button.

Let us create another timeline. Again, we will select the RSS feed importer. And, I am going to launch Safari here and what we are going to chart is this Home Office Lawyer blog written by one of our long term customers.

We will click the RSS button in Safari and notice there are three feeds. Whenever there is more than one feed, usually the Atom feed or the RSS 2.0 works well. We will copy the address of the feed and paste it into Bee Docs Timeline. Then we will extend the date range here to make sure that we get a good selection of events. Then we will click “Create Timeline.”

In a few seconds, you have a timeline of the Home Office Lawyer blog and we can click on any of the events to go to the original blog article.

Drag & Drop Backgrounds

Another new feature in this release is draggable background images. To demonstrate this, we will create a timeline with the “Path” look and them I am going to take the RSS feed from the Apple Trailers website and we will go ahead and use that as our timeline.

Now if you click the Photos toolbar button here, you will see photos from my Aperture library and my iPhoto library. I can just pick a photo and drag it on to the background to set the background of the timeline to that photo. This makes it easy to play with a bunch of different images and find that perfect image for the background of your timeline.

You can still drag photos to the events in your timeline. Just hover over an event and the event will turn yellow and then drop it on the event and the picture for that event will change.

“Turn Out the Lights” by The New Amsterdams
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